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Thank you for marital happiness. Resting on the sea, met a girl. Sun, sea, beach - romance. But the vacation is over, and the girl at night keep dreaming. A private investigator to help me find her. We got married, and are now waiting for the firstborn.

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Something often my little wife to meet with her ​​friends, shopping and fitness clubs. I decided to check it. Hired a detective, and it turned out that she has got a lover. Divorced. Thank detectives have opened my eyes.

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Vladimir Afanasevich

I have a steadily growing business. But I began to notice that all the best contracts simply "float away from under his nose" to our competitors. Became suspicious. Request verification of personnel. And it turned out that my deputy merges the information. Thank you very much for identifying dishonest employees.

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We will help to find a person for shadowing

Spying on people is a difficult task, requiring not only special knowledge of every nuance, but also many years of practice. After all, in this case, any mistake can lead to a fiasco.

Where can I order a video surveillance specialist?

Мы прекрасно знаем, что именно видеонаблюдение может решить многие проблемы и предоставить ту информацию, которую невозможно добыть никаким иным способом.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations.

Novyi Bug

Detective Agency in Novyi Bug

Novyi Bug

Detective Agency "Private detective Nikolaev" at the very beginning of its activities has set a goal not only of private investigation services, but to ensure maximum service to serve our customers. And today we can offer you not only wanted people or collection of information about a particular person or some company, but also we can order the examination to establish paternity, to use the services of a psychologist or a lawyer with our help to ensure the protection of persons or objects . We also provide comprehensive assistance to our clients in those situations where there may be powerless to law enforcement authorities for specific reasons.

Also, our biggest advantage is our business and geography, which extends far beyond the city or even New Bug Mykolaiv region. Thus, if you doubt the fidelity of his wife, who often excommunicated in various missions, you can order the identification of infidelity husband or wife, no matter what city or even the country at the moment is your significant other.

We can help you learn about infidelity

Thoughts about what your loved one or your girl changes you rarely are without absolutely no reason. And usually one in which there was a lover, she is impersonating his behavior completely, even if attempts to hide from her husband's infidelity. The couple usually in the process of betrayal completely lost interest in the affairs of the family, or manifested very superficially, in the form of some kind of a favor to others. There is irritability and very careful attitude to their own appearance. You can list a lot of factors which may reveal what is present cheating husband or wife. But to be sure for sure, it is best to contact the detective agency in New Bug. In fact, besides establishing the fact of adultery, then usually the spouse to file for divorce because of infidelity women or men, here you can also order and verification of allegiance, which will help to understand how people in principle you is faithful and he is not able to in the future go for a change, even if now there is absolutely no reason for feelings.

Finding relatives and other people

There are situations where the people with whom we associate tightly enough for work, for personal reasons or other matters, suddenly disappear from sight. This may be unexpected disappearance, when a person does not go home, did not return phone calls or in any other way makes itself felt. But also communication may stop gradually. And if you only had his phone number, which now shows no signs of life, then we can simply learn the address on the phone, and yourself to go home to his friend. But if the situation is more complicated, it is natural that our experts will be required to organize the search for people.

It is possible that a person is in trouble, and now only you can help him solve his questions. We have repeatedly been able to find a person by phone number. But it is advisable that you also provided us with as much information about it, because it often gives quick results and search for people by name. If necessary, we are ready to connect to the process of their colleagues from other countries, if it is possible that the missing could just go somewhere to escape or for whatever reasons. Naturally, there are already less likely to find it just by name, but we still will make it into our data base.

Getting rid of a man spying

Collection of information

It is considered that the detectives always conduct surveillance for someone to collect information about the person. But it is also worth to always remember and that we do not help our clients rarely themselves to get rid of spyware actions that lead them photographic surveillance and use other tools to get the person as much as possible information for transmission to competitors of the company. Therefore, if you began to suspect that someone appears excessive interest to you, then you should definitely call the detective agency in New Bug.

At a minimum, our specialists will inspect the premises to detect listening devices that already allow us not only to detect eavesdropping of mobile phones, but also to identify other tracking devices. And you can be sure that this is the most reliable antiproslushka you are, in principle, could once use. But in addition to the search for bugs also need to understand exactly who install them. For this, we recommend that you check all your surroundings on a lie detector. And a polygraph test may be conducted in any other situation where you need to learn the truth of guaranteed rights.




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