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The introduction of our employee

Our agency guarantees efficiency, effectiveness and total privacy.

We are working even with anonymous clients.


I saw the car at the car, which had long dreamed of, but could not afford to buy a new salon. But here everything is in great condition and the price is acceptable, even managed to haggle a bit. That's me and guard. Before buying decided to check. It turned out that he is listed as stolen. Thank you, was saved from numerous problems.

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I've been doing quite a specific business, whose prosperity depends on the credibility of community. Thanks to the professional work of professional detective agency "Private detective Nikolaev" I was able to score yourself a professional team, and my business is steadily growing.

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Mom raised me. But life was such that I had to move to another city to work and often to visit her I can not come. And then I tell friends that my mother appeared cavalier that her sons do. I knew right away that something was not right. Hired a private investigator who found out that this "bride" - a real con man who managed to fool not one woman.

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We will help to find a person for shadowing

Spying on people is a difficult task, requiring not only special knowledge of every nuance, but also many years of practice. After all, in this case, any mistake can lead to a fiasco.

Where can I order a video surveillance specialist?

Мы прекрасно знаем, что именно видеонаблюдение может решить многие проблемы и предоставить ту информацию, которую невозможно добыть никаким иным способом.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations.

The introduction of our employee

The control of work of employees

Most businesses carry out monitoring employees using video surveillance. However, if you can not find the information you need, then, for this purpose can be achieved in the implementation of our detective team of your company.

For example , do you feel that the building tension in the team , but can not figure out what the problem is . After all, they can be quite a lot: someone has family problems, someone is unhappy with the level of wages , and someone just skladyvayutya relationships with other team members.

How to solve this problem without making mistakes as a result of which you can lose valuable employees ?

By implementing our detective team , you can easily monitor the work of employees . All employees of the detective agency " Private detective Nikolaev " - a high-class professionals in operational and investigative work. They are easily able to find out exactly what issues concern the staff will find the most " weak link" in your team . To improve the overall labor climate , our people will hold a hidden educational conversation with problem employees , resulting in the team there will be a moral and psychological recovery.

Embedded employee plays a very important role, especially if the company is on the verge of change (merger , restructuring, acquisitions) . It is in these times of employees have special stress. This is due to the probability of redundancy , change of leadership , the redistribution of power. In such situations, the internal control work of employees is especially needed .

If you suspect that someone on your team is engaged in fraud and assigns ownership of the company , an employee of the agency will help you find the culprit and get documentary evidence of his illegal activities.

From the above situations are not insured by any large or small company. They can only predict the risks be minimized. And the introduction of employee detective agency " Private detective Nikolaev " will help you with this.