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We are working even with anonymous clients.


Thanks for the search of my college friends. I did not even think that such minimal information can find out the exact location of a person. We immediately see you professionals.

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Thank you very much for your help in returning the debt. All of the information provided with your employees is accurate. I wish you success in your work.

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Grateful client

Thank you very much for the professional work. Immediately visible high-class specialists. Many agencies take the money, and no results.

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We will help to find a person for shadowing

Spying on people is a difficult task, requiring not only special knowledge of every nuance, but also many years of practice. After all, in this case, any mistake can lead to a fiasco.

Where can I order a video surveillance specialist?

Мы прекрасно знаем, что именно видеонаблюдение может решить многие проблемы и предоставить ту информацию, которую невозможно добыть никаким иным способом.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations.


Detective agency in Yuzhnoukrayinsk


Detective Agency "Private detective Nikolaev" specializes in providing a wide variety of services connected with the activities undertaken by various types of examinations, the provision of legal and psychological services. Turning to our detective agency in the city Yuzhnoukrainsk, you can be sure that your questions will deal exclusively with experienced professionals who are not the first year of work in this direction and will not allow any mistakes which could aggravate your problem.

You do not need to waste their own time and try to hold an independent investigation to establish surveillance of the husband or wife to detect infidelity. It is possible that even one single false move can lead to the most disastrous results. We have repeatedly faced with the fact, when people were trying to figure out whether to change them or not the second half, and by allowing the slightest mistake, family scandal provoked a completely from scratch. Later becomes known that in fact there is no lover of his wife, and the betrayal of her husband is only a result of someone's speculation and slander. But just had to save the marriage because of its own missteps.

Of course, to make some decisions, for example, to file for divorce because of infidelity women or men are best in case you one hundred percent sure that your significant other is not verified allegiance. But for that you have on hand to be irrefutable evidence. We can conduct the identification betrayal of her husband or the wife, so that it will not be known to the person being tested. You'll get your hands on just the evidence themselves will already decide what to do with it. When ignorance of your spouse, you will have the time, as carefully as possible to think. After all, even if it becomes known fact of change, it does not mean that everything has to end in divorce. If any doubt, you can always get advice from our expert - a psychologist in family matters.

Investigations using lie detector

Polygraph test is an integrated hardware technique that allows the measurement of the level of psychological stress inspected to identify all of them concealed information. Our polygraph can be used for the provision and any other service. It can also be used to identify and adultery, and to detect spyware in the enterprise and in the investigation of crime. Polygraph test is conducted, both on the basis of our detective agency in Yuzhnoukrainsk, and in any place convenient for you. Privacy guaranteed.

Search for relatives in Yuzhnoukrayinsk

Search of people

Every day we see different ads that people search is conducted, missing persons, but of course, that in this case no one thinks that he himself might be in the same situation. If you and your family happened to such trouble, then you need to call us immediately to our staff immediately began to search for relatives. Of course, we will conduct a pre-gathering information about what happened. Often a person's disappearance is related to the banal scandal in the family. But in any case we will hold their search activities. We have vast experience that allows us to find people by phone number, including the address just set it on the phone. Also we have not infrequently requested to organize a search for people by name. This is mainly due to the restoration of relationship, when people want to know about your family, as much as possible. In this case the use of the database files, and other resources to find the right person with the surname.

Liquidation spying man

You do not need to take some important office or own their own companies, to become the victim of photographic surveillance or wiretapping. Reasons have spyware can be very different, but even if you just began to feel that someone is watching you, then do not waste precious time, and use the most unique antiproslushkoy, we make checks on the premises identifying listening devices that can be installed in your car, in the house, apartment or office. Our professional search bugs will certainly help us to detect eavesdropping mobile phones.





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